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The SA Wholesalers You Can Count On

Timpecha Foods is the cherished endeavour of a close-knit South Australian family.

Just five years ago, this family-owned gem embarked on its journey, becoming a trusted supplier of wholesale foods to a diverse customer base that includes supermarkets, thriving hospitality hubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

The genesis of this remarkable journey was the sale of local olives and olive oil, a tribute to Tim’s father, whose relentless pursuit of these treasures, both locally and from distant lands, continues to inspire the heart of this South Australian family business.


2023 NAFDA Rising Star

Timpecha Wholesalers has earned the prestigious title of the 2023 NAFDA Rising Star, a remarkable achievement reflecting their commitment to delivering quality and reliability in the foodservice industry.

As a South Australian family-owned business, Timpecha Foods, led by Director Tim Chatzopoulos, has rapidly grown its product range and industry footprint over the past five years.

Their collaboration with NAFDA Foodservice, a renowned procurement and marketing buying group, has solidified their position among the top players in the Australian foodservice distribution sector.

This recognition highlights Timpecha Foods’ dedication to excellence and their significant impact on the national foodservice market.